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Summer newsletter 2018

Summer Overview 2018

Our incubator arrived. We had 11 brown eggs. We were so excited to watch them hatch. We drew pictures of them and wrote about what was happening in our chick diaries.

We had lots of fun in book week. Have a look at some of the things we did.

We have been reading books in our ‘reading tent’ this week. We used our sounds to help us read the words ourselves.

We have been finding out about Chinese New Year. We cooked and tasted rice and noodles, we made Chinese lanterns and had a dance workshop where we did a dragon dance. It was great fun.

We have been using tools to make models.

We did a sponsored puddle jump to raise some money to have an incubator and some eggs to hatch. We raised over £500. Amazing! Thank you everyone for supporting us!

We did some bubble printing and then drew a picture of ourselves dressed to jump in the puddles.

In Maths we have been sequencing numbers, adding Numicon shapes, writing numbers, rolling 2 dice and adding the total and adding 2 groups of objects together.


We have been having lots of fun at Forest School.


We have been using our sounds to write words and sentences.

We made owl biscuits after reading ‘Owl Babies’

We made collage owls, drew pictures on the computer and wrote about the story.

We enjoyed our visit from The Raptor Foundation.

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