Online Safety.

The internet can be the most inspiring and positive place.  A valuable resource, it allows us to connect, communicate and create in constantly evolving ways.  As a dynamic and ever-changing place, the internet can sometimes seem difficult to keep up with.  It can even feel a challenge to stay abreast of your children’s technical skills.  However skilled they may be, children and young people will still need advice and protection in order to manage their activities and lives online.

Staying in Control.

With an ever-increasing range of devices children have more access than ever to fantastic opportunities for learning and development.  However, parents and schools must be aware of the risks as well of the benefits and take steps to ensure that children remain safe when accessing the internet and the wonderful resources that can be found there.  At school, we have online safety, and computing policies, all aimed at keeping your child safe.  You can view these documents on our website.

At home, you can set parental controls for most devices.  Many websites have advice on how to set these controls.  Please click on the links below for guides from the www.internetmatters.org website for help with some of the more popular devices:


PlayStation 4:                                                        Xbox One:                                                Nintendo Switch:



You may also like to explore websites such as thinkUknow with your child, to start conversations about making responsible choices online: