Willow Homework

Reading and Phonics –

Please try to practice your child’s sounds and actions every day.

Play ‘I spy’ with the sounds – can you find something beginning with ‘s’ or ‘t’ etc.

Once your child knows the sounds you can make little words such as sat, tin, tap, sit etc. Help them say each sound in turn and blend the sounds together. Make some words for your child to read or ask them to make some words for you.

Your child will bring some tricky words home. These are words that need to be read on sight, rather than using sounds – eg I, the, to, no, go. Please practice these as often as you can.

Things to do when your child brings a book home –

  • Talk about the front cover
  • Talk about the pictures and characters
  • Help them point to each word carefully
  • Help them use their sounds to work out the words on their own
  • Ask them questions about the story to check they have understood


Maths homework –

Each week your child will have a challenge that supports the learning we have been doing at school.

The tasks will be practical, fun activities/games that can easily be done using everyday things around the home or garden.

It would be lovely to see some photos of what you have been doing. Please stick them in their yellow Maths book.

Writing –

Please download the handwriting support sheet and help your child form each letter correctly.

cursive handwriting support

Library books – can be changed as often as you like. Please remember to complete the Henry Bookworm Challenge sheet.

Remember to practice the tasks as often as you can – little and often is best!