Raising Concerns

Please refer to the Horizons Learning Federation Complaints Policy on the Federation website page if you wish to make a formal complaint.

Before the formal processes are invoked every effort should be made to resolve matters informally. This is in line with complaints policies nationally. The Governing Body will ensure parents are made aware of how they can raise a concern through the governors’ communication policy.

Some issues are likely to be best resolved through discussion with a class teacher or Senior Leader. In some cases, though, a person may feel the need to escalate the matter to the Head of School, Mrs Julia Walker or the Executive Headteacher, Mrs Becky Ford.

Initially school staff below the level of Head of School will seek to resolve matters through provision of information and clarification. Where it is clear that there is a significant level of concern, staff will refer the matter to the Head of School as a cause for concern. The Head of School will then seek to resolve the matter through discussion with those expressing concerns. Staff are advised not to engage in prolonged correspondence of an argumentative nature but to refer the complaint to the Head of School at that stage.

Whether attempts to resolve concerns at an informal stage are by telephone conversation or through meetings, school staff will take a note of any agreed action points and summarise these at the end of the conversation.

The formal Complaints Procedure will not normally be accessed unless the Head of School or Executive Headteacher have first been given the opportunity to discuss the matter with the complainant, either by telephone or, preferably, in person. Where the Executive Headteacher is unable to resolve matters through discussion, the parent will be asked if they wish to make a formal complaint to the Executive Headteacher. This complaint should be made in writing using the formal School Complaints Form on the Horizons Learning Federation Website.